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Free Essay: Socrates is at the age of seventy and appearing in a law court for the first time. For the people of Socrates time is accusing Socrates, for miss...
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Plato's Apology In the retelling of his trial by his associate, Plato, entitled “The Apology”; Socrates claims in his defense that he only wishes to do good for the polis. I believe that Socrates was innocent of the accusations that were made against him, but he possessed contempt for the court and displayed that in his
Socrates The Apology In this literature review I will discuss both Socrates and Jesus Christ (Jesus). I will compare and distinguish them, by their trial, misdeeds (through the view of society), law, justice and punishment. In addition, I will write about their influence in today's society and what impact they have made through
Apology- Plato essays "Socrates is a doer of evil and corrupter of the youth, and he does not believe in the gods of the state. He has other new divinities of his own."(Apology 41) In The Apology, by Plato, these are the accusations brought against Socrates during his trial. Socrates clai.
In Plato's Apology, the reader finds much interesting information about the philosophic thought that is derived from Socrates' defense speech. Socrates, Plato's.
The Apology. At the trial for his life in 399 BC, Socrates defense is recounted in Plato's Apology. Here Socrates appeared, despite his lengthy defense, not to acquit himself from all accusations, but rather ... Frank N. Magill, ed., World philosophy: essay-reviews of 225 major works (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Salem Press, c1982).
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The Apology Response The Apology of Socrates was a short passage that was meant to interpret the final teachings of Socrates before his execution by the peop...
This scholarly treatment of the Apology will be welcome to serious students of Plato. The author skillfully tackles the major interpretive problems raised by the text--problems concerning irony, teaching, knowledge, virtue, religious commitment, and the elenchus--by providing a convincing reconstruction of Socrates'

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